How to Get the Best Possible Price on a Used Boat or Yacht

BoatingOne of the things that you will come to realize very quickly when buying a boat for sale is the more money that you can save on the front end, the more you will be able to enjoy the overall boating lifestyle. Too many players get in too deep at the start by purchasing too big and costly a boat, and then they discover they can’t afford to maintain a boating lifestyle.

Here are some of the ways to get the best possible price on a used boat from

Start looking on Facebook groups or on Craigslist for some used boats in your region. The boat owners selling on these sites are not paying any listing fees, so they are more inclined to drop their price if you show up with the right amount of cash. Those who list their boat for sale in the newspaper, magazines, or boating websites, often have to pay a nice amount of money in advertising costs, so they are less inclines to bargain with you.

Once you find a boat seller who has something in your price range, take a good look at the boat and see if there is anything you could use as a bargaining chip to get you a better deal. Perhaps the motor needs a little work or the hull is in rough shape, use these to negotiate with the seller and simply explain you need to lay out the cash to make those fixes, but you would be willing to pay a different amount. If you have the cash in hand, you might get a motivated seller to drop their price to unload quickly.

Pay very close attention to the verbiage in those ads from a seller trying to unload their boat. When the boat seller is trying to sell because they have to relocate because of a job or other circumstances, time is definitely an issue. This seller does not have the luxury to sit and wait out a buyer, they have to move quickly and take offers as they come. If you can give the seller a call as quickly as possible and drop a low number on them, they might just take it out of the gate or tell you they will call you in a week if no one else delivers.

Now you see why you want to be getting the best possible deal you can on a used boat, that extra cash will certainly go a very long way.


Hiring the Best Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Team

Choosing the right HVAC repair Summerville team does take a little work, but this is the best way to ensure you have a skilled professional on site looking out for your system states Barrus Heating & Air. The HVAC unit in your home is most likely one of the biggest expenditures you are going to make, so it makes sense that you should be doing everything possible to extend its life for any many years as possible.

HVAC repair Summerville SCHere are a few tips for hiring the best local heating and air conditioning repair team.

Start your quest by asking family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, if they have had any recent dealings with a local heating and air conditioning repair team. Take some of those names and then go online and start doing a little research yourself.

Be sure the company that you are considering hiring has all of their paperwork in order. By paperwork, we mean license and insurance. The last thing you want is a company doing work inside your home and causing damage without insurance because you will be responsible to make all those repairs if that is the case.

Ask any company that you are considering hiring for some references. The best heating and air conditioning repair team will be glad to let you speak to their prior customers because they stand behind their work. This is a great opportunity for you to ask if the company delivered the work on time, was it delivered at the agreed upon price, and were their any issues with the installation or repair.

Head over to social media and you will be able to get a peek behind the curtain to how this company treats their employees. On Facebook especially, you can read about how the customer feels about this company, how the company responds to both praise and criticism, and how they guarantee their work. Join the group or follow the discussion and even ask some questions.

There are numerous resources in your community where you can collect even more information on any heating and air conditioning repair team. Head over to the Better Business Bureau and see what the rating of the company is or go to your local Chamber of Commerce to see if the company has received any local awards or accolades.

As you can see, putting in just a minimal effort will ensure you are going to find the most qualified local heating and air conditioning repair team.

House Staging Tips That Will Attract Maximum Offers

When you are ready to sell your house and want to make as much money as possible, consider the following staging tips. Premier One says if you can knock these out before you call a Charleston real estate agent to sign a contract the better, the house will show easier when they come by to take pictures and videos. The one added benefit to staging the house correctly is that you are going to sell the house faster as buyers are going to want to get their offers in before someone takes the house from under them.

Charleston homes for saleHere are some effective house staging tips to get the maximum amount for your home.

Take down all those framed pictures of you, your family, and the kids. They will eventually have to be packed anyway, so get them down, boxed, and shipped to the local storage unit. This is a realtor trick that gets the potential buyer emotionally connected with your house rather than them having to imagine the thought of your family living there still.

Get in those closets and start boxing up things you won’t need for a few months. Get them boxed and moved to storage, the extra space is really going to increase the size of the rooms and eliminate clutter. The new buyers will instantly be able to imagine what they can do with that space.

Hire a professional cleaning service to restore the look and smell to your carpeting, upholstery, area rugs, and curtains. What you have become nose blind to might knock your buyers off their feet when they walk in the door.

Pull back the curtains, open the blinds, get as much light in every room as possible so the buyers can have a good look around. The added benefit is they can see outside too and imagine what they will be doing with all that exterior space too.

Touch up rooms that are a little dated. A fresh can of plaint in a neural color will go a long way in transforming the look and feel of any room.

If there are any repairs that are needed, now is the time to fix them so the buyers have no bargaining chips to use to get you to lower your price when they send over an offer on the house.

So now that you have an idea how to stage the house for a quick sale, start to chunk this list down one at a time to get those potential buyers emotionally invested.